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Lake Winnibigoshish - Denny's Resort - Saturday, January 21

Referred to as "Winni" by many, Lake Winnibigoshish has proven to be one of Minnesota's best jumbo perch fisheries. With schools reaching into the hundreds and even thousands, the jumbo perch that swim in Lake Winnibigoshish are both hard-fighters as well as excellent table fair. Found amongst the expansive flats, reefs, bars and humps, these perch have been known to put on the feedbags on numerous occasions.

On top of the phenomenal jumbo perch fishing, one can also expect to see their fair share of walleye. With excellent walleye numbers, Lake Winnibigoshish will provide rod bending action for those looking to ice a few marble 'eyes. With several large fish caught last winter, the 2006 season should be another great year for walleye out on the big lake. Healthy populations of 21-25 inch walleye roam these waters, with the possibility of a true pig that could push the 28-30 inch mark.

Besides the outstanding jumbo perch and walleye fishing, Lake Winnibigoshish is also home to monster pike, bass, eelpout and panfish. Look forward to a mixed bag of fish, adding up to some heavy weights…

Denny's Resort - 2006 I.C.E. Series Winnibigoshish Host
Anyone who ventures to Lake Winnibigoshish on a regular basis knows that they have a place to call home at Denny's Resort. Located right on the shores of Lake Winnibigoshish, Denny's Resort provides everything the angler desires for a fun-filled vacation or getaway.

Pat and Rhonda have worked hard at establishing a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for their guests. Wintertime at Denny's Resort is always on fire. Not only can you walk out your backdoor to some of the best ice fishing the state has to offer, but you can also enjoy the many groomed trails spanning across the Chippewa National Forest.

After a day of fishing, stop in at the lounge for a warm meal and a few fish tales. This will be Denny's third year hosting an I.C.E. Series event, and if this winter is half as fun as the previous two, then we're all in for a treat!

Denny's Resort -

Lake of the Woods - Zippel Bay Resort - Saturday, March 11

Considered to be one of the world's best walleye fisheries, Lake of the Woods has really become a household name. With exceptional numbers of both walleye and sauger, Lake of the Woods can provide all-day action for those in search of these two common relatives. With a solid population of large walleyes present in Lake of the Woods, there is a good chance that someone will hit the 8-pound mark by the time the day is done.With a seemingly endless amount of acreage, Lake of the Woods offers up endless fishing opportunities. Chasing walleyes over the open flats and breaks can provide consistent action for those looking to cash in on the ever-popular walleye. If you want walleye, you've come to the right place!

Walleye and sauger are not the only toothy critters that cruise the waters of Lake of the Woods, giant pike also use this watery abode. The pike in Lake of the Woods are in a class of their own. These gators grow to massive proportions and can make any drag squeal like a stuck pig. With fish reaching over 40 inches and weighing in at 20-plus pounds, the pike in Lake of the Woods rule the underwater world. Lake of the Woods offers some outstanding pike fishing.

In addition to walleye, sauger and pike, Lake of the Woods has been known to pump out some pretty big jumbo perch. These perch typically run with the walleye and sauger, and some people even claim that they rival the size of the saugers. 12-14 inch perch with the girth of a football have been reported in recent years. These jumbo perch are fat and sassy, and usually leave an angler wide-eyed.

And as always, one has the possibility of landing some monster eelpout when fishing the waters of Lake of the Woods. These bulldogs can (and often times will) be found where walleye and sauger locate.

If one is fortunate enough to stumble across some panfish, you can expect to see crappies in their true slab form. Lake of the Woods crappies have been branded as close relatives in size to the crappies that swim the waters of Upper Red Lake. If a school is found, expect an 11-13 inch average.

Lake of the Woods is another multi-specie Mecca. With the possibility of walleye, sauger, pike, perch, eelpout and crappies, you can't go wrong. Look for large numbers of walleye and sauger accumulated throughout the day…

Zippel Bay Resort - 2006 I.C.E. Series Lake of the Woods Host
Zippel Bay Resort definitely offers world class fishing. Located on the Minnesota/U.S. side of Lake of the Woods, Zippel Bay Resort allows the ice angler to enjoy a day on the ice followed by a relaxing, comfortable experience in their lodge.

After a day of catching walleye after walleye, Zippel Bay Resort has a place for you in their lounge to enjoy a warm meal and chance to reflect on the day.

Nick and Deanna understand the needs of an ice angler, and you can expect to have an enjoyable and worthwhile time when visiting Zippel Bay Resort.

Zippel Bay Resort -

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Jan 21st - Lake Winnibigoshish - Denny's Resort
1st Place: $3,000 & MarCum LX5
2nd Place: $1,500 & Otter Lodge
3rd Place: $500 & Nils Master Auger
March 11th - Lake of the Woods - Zippel Bay Resort
1st Place: $3,000 & Otter Lodge
2nd Place: $1,500 & MarCum LX5
3rd Place: $500 & Nils Master Auger
Cash prizes based on 150 teams 80% payback. Top placers will have choice of equipment prize.
FREE Prize drawings for those who come to fish during the competition.
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