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In Vermont state fish culture stations will be stocking 602,850 catchable trout or smolts.




IceLeaders Challenge Event Series 2005/2006 Info & Rules

ICE SERIES Information & Rules

Information & Rules

To Register for the ICE Series, please click here or at the end of this info page.


The purpose of these ice fishing tourneys is to promote the sport of ice fishing, introduce new people to ice fishing, make great new friends, learn new techniques and presentations, and most importantly, have fun doing it.

IceLeaders Challenge Events will be weight converted to points. See scoring below.


    All two person teams must meet the following criteria

  • Stringers are prohibited.

  • You should have some type of communication device (not required)- cell phone or marine band radio. This is for weather related communication & emergencies. Frequency of marine band radio transmissions will be announced prior to event and all cell phone numbers should be submitted with fee payment or when registering at the resort.

  • All shelters must meet state of Minnesota requirements.

At each event, Team members should report into the official headquarters site at least 10 minutes before the start to go over directions.

Basic Rules-
1: All individuals must obey state laws, rules, and regulations

2: All misconduct must be brought to the attention of event coordinator and alternate coordinator for a ruling. Severe violations will result in loss of points, suspension or removal from events. There will be no refunds.

3: Bringing ice picks in case of ice breakage and ice grips to limit slippage is highly recommended. You are responsible for your own safety. We stress ice is never safe. Proceed with due caution.

4: Members may not leave the ice except for emergencies or to avoid any hazards to navigate the lake.

5: Events may be delayed in the event of severe weather, but because they will be 6 hour events, we will try to get some time in during the course of the day.

6: Scoring rules will be posted in the scoring section of this page.

7: No pre-fishing of lakes on day of the event prior to registration and check-in.

8: All portable shelters, gear, and transportation must be available for close inspection prior to taking off. You may use the sponsor Resorts ice shelters without inspection (The resort owners will ensure compliance with no cheating)
Please be organized to allow an effective inspection.

9: All individuals must check in with the Event coordinator prior to starting the event.

10: In a unique situation, rule changes, start and end time changes, additions or subtractions will be shared with all entrants prior to each event.

  • Fish will be scored on the basis of weight converted to points.

  • Each two person team may only score the following number of fish.
    * 2 walleye per team
    * 1 pike per team
    * 2 bass per team
    * 5 crappie per team
    * 5 perch per team
    * 5 sunfish per team
    * 1 eelpout, 1 cisco, 1 whitefish, 1 carp or 1 sucker per team-
    -(note only 1 of these rough fish will be allowed and eelpout will be scored at .5 points per pound)
    Once a fish is weighed, that fish will go towards that teams total.
    Once a tourney limit of any species is scored, no other fish from that species will be recorded. All slot sizes and limits will be observed. Game law violations will be cause for disqualification from the event. No refunds. You must take care of your own fish after weigh-ins are complete.

    Event Scoring System is as Follows:

  • 1 pound of Walleye/Sauger = 1 point
  • 1 pound of Bass = 1 point
  • 1 pound of Pike = 1 points
  • 1 pound of Perch= 1 point
  • 1 pound of Sunfish=1 points
  • 1 pound of Crappie=1 points
  • 1 pound of Eelpout=.5 points
  • 1 pound of Carp/Sucker=1 points
  • 1 pound of Cisco/Whitefish=1 points

Special Rules or Changes

  • The Tournament Director or scorer will announce each morning any necessary rules changes.
  • Frozen or thawed out fish will be disqualified at the tournament scorers discretion.
  • The Tournament scorers decision will be final.
  • If requested, by the Tournament Director, the winner of the event must submit to a lie detector test.

All fish scored at official event site will be scored by the official scorers.

All disputes will be settled by The official scorer and alternate official. Their decision is final. Please note, rules are subject to change prior to each day of the event and will be announced to all participants prior to the start of each days events.

The scoring system is really very simple and works well.

  • Tourney Timelines
    * 7:00 - 8:00 am - Meet at headquarters to confirm registration or register and then head out onto lake. Breakfast and dinner may be served at the headquarters. Click here for any questions on amenities available.
    * 8:00 am - IceLeaders Challenge Event Begins.
    * 2:00 pm - Contest ends deadline and weigh-in.
    * 2:00-2:30 pm - Trophys and sponsor prizes awarded.

    Please make lodging reservations at the Official headquarters as soon as possible. When they book up you may need to find lodging elsewhere.

    To Register for an ICELEADERS Event or for more information, please click here.

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