Burntside Bash – Ely Minnesota Ice Fishing Event

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Feb 19th, 2011 – Burntside Bash – MAP: Burntside Lake-Ely, MN
Hosted by: Frank DeLuca(frankbdeluca@yahoo.com)

Burntside Lake is in Northern MN. set on the outskirts of Ely. Van Vac access.

It all started 8 years ago as an informal FM get together on Burtnside Lake. The theme, fish for Lake Trout, but more importantly a meet and greet social event.

An event you can put those names to faces. A place of good will and friendships made, and revisited and of coarse the Lake Trout. A group effort to make, what is the Bash.

Since the 1st Burntside Bash it has grown in popularity, has had some fluff added, contests, benefit, and prizes but the theme has always stayed the same comradery on the ice and Lake Trout.

This years Bash will much like the 1st Burntside Bash, spartan only of the fluff but much of the comradery. Let me say as with all HSO/FM get together you all have an invite to join in. After all thats what the Bash is about.

When you organize an on ice event In Northern MN in January your at the mercy of Mother Nature. We’ve encountered -20 temps, slush, and deep snow in previous Bashs but the show went on. A Big Thanks goes out to those that lended a hand and helped make that possible.

This thread will grow between now and the Bash.
Some things that I anticipate I’ll thow out there now.
I’ll use the word volunteer a lot, we need members to lend a hand, get involved this is your Bash too.

Ice Travel.
We won’t know till a week before the Bash what mode of travel we’ll need on the ice. I will note that if at all possible you should bring your own snowmobile or can borrow one please do if the conditions call for that. Folks needing rides out on the ice. We’ll need volunteers to do that. If you need a ride have your gear secure for the ride out. Use this thread to get hooked up with a volunteer driver.

If your new to lake trout fishing and Burtnside try and get into a group with an experienced leader. Which brings up the subject, we could use some volunteers for group leaders.

This will be a BYO deal for food. As this threads moves along we might see folks volunteering to bring a grills.

As usual we’ll meet in the morning at HQ and filter off onto the lake. Then meet up again in the afternoon and socialize, perhaps grill, tell lies and compare stories. We’ll set a time as we get closer to the Bash along with up to date details.

Stfcatfish has posted Burntside Bash directions map and a link to a high resolution directions map here you can download and print to get to the Bash. For a detailed Burntside Lake map, go here so you can look closely and pick some spots.

Lets begin the Lake Trout Tips, Tricks, and Tactics.

BWCAW-Duluth-Ely-Range board – Use this thread to prepare for the Bash and get your juices flowing for trout of the Laker Variety.- Click here on Fishing Minnesota for updates as the day draws nearer. Also use that board and the search feature to find out about laker techniques and tackle.

Don’t forget your ($8) trout stamp, and we’ll see you there — where we’ll have more fun!
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